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WordPress sitemap: use a plugin for better SEO


In the “Sitemap defaults” administration area, it is possible to define whether the creation or modification date of a file should appear in the sitemap (1). The “Page/area” allows to include or exclude (2) defined elements of the WordPress website in the Sitemap used. The decision to include or exclude elements certainly depends on what type of content it is or the target group of the website. A news website or a blog, for example, will certainly include the “Post Page” and will probably update it much more often (3) just a simple company portrait without major content changes. For the “Relative priority/Relative priority”, we can follow the suggestions of the plugin.

With “robots.txt” you can, among other things, exclude certain areas of the website from being scanned by search engines. In the example, two WordPress directories and the sitemap generated by WordPress itself were excluded from the crawl. These files and directories have not however disappeared, they are simply not taken into account by search robots. Please read our detailed article on robots.txt for WordPress on this topic.

Everything is ready ? Finally, don’t forget to save all new changes by clicking “Save Changes”.

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