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Digital Communication

10 alternatives to Minecraft: from Roblox to Terraria


Since Minecraft, the term “sandbox” (“sandbox” in French) is on everyone’s lips. Often associated with the blocky worlds of Minecraft, it’s just the umbrella term for versatile gameplay. As in sandboxes, sandbox players move freely through open game worlds, in which they are active and creative. What differentiates these games from open world games is the free interaction between players and the game world.

Sandbox worlds are not only explored, but also exploited, worked on and shaped. Whether through agriculture, industry, space navigation or architecture, what is called the crafting is an essential feature of sandbox games. Another feature is the survival mode. Players are thrown into computer-generated worlds in which they must struggle and thrive. The third feature of the sandbox is the adventure/RPG mode, which allows players to solve quests or set their own game rules.

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