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Digital Communication

What is play to earn?


Despite the enthusiasm that surrounds NFT games, the games themselves and the play to earn are the target of violent criticism.

One of the frequently voiced criticisms of blockchain and NFT gaming is the heavy environmental impact of the blockchain itself. The fact that all transactions carried out with non-fungible tokens, such as the creation and sale of NFTs or the purchase of tokens at auction, require calculations on the relevant blockchain and therefore consume large volumes of electricity is undeniable.

Currently, most NFT games run on the ethereum blockchain. The blockchain of the famous altcoins currently uses the Proof of Stake algorithm. This can significantly reduce power consumption, making NFT games more environmentally friendly.

In addition, the play to earn strategy has also come under fire from critics. With traditional PC games, users pay a fixed fee to play. Registrations for NFT games are often free, but to play the games an initial investment is required. Since the gaming and cryptocurrency market is subject to fluctuations, investing in NFT games is speculative and risky.

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