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How to buy NFTs? -IONOS


In the old days, wash trading NFTs was a big problem. In wash trading, users claim that a select group of NFTs has gone up in value. Often scammers will sell an NFT to other scammers through a self-funded wallet. By choosing a certified NFT platform, you ensure that you do not fall victim to these scams. Be aware that NFT regulations remain sporadic around the world. We advise you to study the subject a little before committing to a platform or acquiring an NFT.

Stay alert to verification process when you register on a platform, as this determines its level of security. NFT platforms that use two-factor verification are generally a safe bet. It also reduces the risk of ending up on a platform that distributes NFTs that aren’t from the original artist. Platform ratings are very useful to guide you in your choice. Satisfied users are a positive sign of trustworthy NFT transactions and the likelihood of suspicious transactions is lower.

OpenSea is an example of a safe NFT platform and one of the most important platforms to buy NFT. OpenSea guarantees user protection through various security features. Verified and approved accounts are marked with a blue check mark, similar to those used on Instagram verified accounts. So you know which suppliers you can trust. Additionally, OpenSea makes it easy to report suspicious NFTs. This popular platform also offers two-factor authentication.

Binance is another safe and popular platform to buy and sell NFTs based on the Binance Smart Chain. This platform offers full support. Users can report suspicious NFTs. Binance also offers two-factor authentication for your account.

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