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Digital Communication

Making Money With NFTs: Five Easy Solutions


To make money with NFTs, you don’t necessarily have to create them yourself. A crypto wallet and cryptocurrency are sufficient for NFT purchases and other related transactions. However, if you want to create your own NFTs to sell, we advise you to follow the guidelines below. NFTs can be considered as documents and certificates of authenticity for unique pieces. These can be works of art, material objects, but also virtual objects, plots or domains.

To sell digital art, you must have image editing programs or audio and graphics software. As for material works of art, these must be transposed in the form of digital files. The NFT collections are comparable to collections of paintings, music or cards (representing different characters) and meet with great success.

Anyone can create NFTs, on one condition: you must be the author and owner of the valuable that you wish to sell in the form of NFTs. To sell an NFT, you must first “mint” it (a process also known as ” minting “). To achieve this, you need to upload a file of a size and format that is allowed in the NFT market. An NFT is created from a smart contract, which allows identification and verification of the owner using unique blockchain addresses and token numbers.

You can then add additional information to it for potential buyers, a name and a description. It is also necessary to define the cryptocurrencies you accept and specify how you have decided to sell your NFT: fixed price or auction. Do you want to receive royalties for each sale made, or have you decided to make your work available for free instead? Since your NFT is not tied to any specific platform, you can choose to list it on multiple platforms at the same time.

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