Digital Communication


Digital Communication

What is a DNS server? Overview of operation


A DNS server, also known as a name server, is special server software: it relies on a database to process requests from the ((Domain NOTsoul Ssystem (DNS)|11RARFRFR89900)). DNS servers are usually hosted on dedicated hosts, the computers that host these programs are also called DNS servers.

Thanks to the DNS, Internet users can enter a domain name in the address bar of the browser and access it in a few clicks. Every domain on the Internet has at least one IP address, which computers need to navigate and communicate on the network. A DNS server recognizes which domain corresponds to which IP address or knows which other DNS server it should forward the request to. When a website is accessed, a request is therefore first sent to one or more DNS servers before finally being connected to the website. DNS servers are therefore essential elements for the proper functioning of the Internet.

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