Digital Communication


Digital Communication

What is DNS? The Domain Name System Explained


Even though DNS plays an important role in daily network traffic, the system also has weak points. One of the biggest problems with DNS are its security failures. Because DNS servers store IP addresses belonging to a domain unencrypted and normally pass them on to anyone who requests them, they are an ideal target for cybercriminals.

Users who wish to keep their browsing private may encounter DNS leaks. In the event of a DNS leak, a DNS query is sent without protection to a name server instead of going through the VPN.

In addition, the DNS can pose a problem with regard to a Free and uncensored internet. Recently, the Russian Ministry of Digital Development ordered that all Internet services available in the country pass through Russian DNS servers, thus blocking foreign sites. This makes it possible for authoritative governments to monitor all network traffic. A DNS censorship is also possible if a specific top-level domain was blocked, for example. Internet service providers may also block access to certain websites in order to implement state censorship guidelines.

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