Digital Communication


Digital Communication

WordPress CRM: the 5 best plugins


It doesn’t matter if it’s a stationary trade, wholesale, production, weekly market or digital business, good customer management is essential. Only a company that understands its customers and their needs manages to satisfy them, and therefore to retain them. There are many useful tools (and some not so useful) that allow you to monitor and improve customer relationship management (CRM) as simply and efficiently as possible. Ideally, analysis, marketing, sales, contacts and service must work closely. This is why WordPress gives an important place to customer relationship management.

Many WordPress plugins are created for improve the interaction between companies and current and potential customers. The selection of CRM WordPress plugins is not only vast, it is also very diverse. Some companies need a different service to manage each operation, while others are satisfied with a simple and unique WordPress plugin that helps them schedule their appointments and contact their customers. We introduce you to five of the best WordPress CRM tools and give you an overview of their key features.

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