Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Rack server: operation and advantages


The first commercial blade server was launched in 2001 and revolutionized rack server technology. Blade servers circumvented a major weakness of rack servers: the space problem caused by the presence of many server components in fixed rack-mounted frames. Instead, blade servers use a modular chassis and include major components as multiple ultra-thin server blades. For businesses, blades are a more compact server hardware for equal or greater computing power. Upgrading and maintenance are also made easier: all you have to do is insert or remove the components from the chassis.

In contrast, blade servers are significantly more expensive during purchase, initial setup, and installation. Replacing components can also be more expensive due to the risk of owner lock-in. Compared to rack servers, blade servers, typically used for dedicated apps, are also less extensible. Additional connections for connecting other hard drives or PCI slots are smaller. For their value for money, rack servers are still the first choice for many companies.

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