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Digital Communication

Blade server: the advantages of this compact server


When choosing server technology, rack servers are still often used in addition to blade servers. They offer such a space-saving structure for high computing performance but differ in key aspects. Rack servers are usually mounted vertically in shelf-like structures. As with blade servers, it is possible to increase or decrease the number of stacked rack servers. They thus offer server power that can be adapted to the requirements in terms of CPU, available space and individual projects. Those systems are also modular and configurablebut which more static than blade servers.

Rather, blade servers are used for projects that require high power supply and dedicated applications. This is precisely where the main difference between blade servers and rack servers lies, as blade servers generally include servers reserved for specific applications. The slats in the frame are usually stacked horizontally and can be used slat by slat for a dedicated task. Also, unlike rack servers, individual blade servers generally do not act as a primary server but find their utility as a stack of combined blade servers.

A big advantage of blade servers over somewhat larger rack servers is also their ease of maintenance. A blade server can be easily replaced while it is running, allowing module-based maintenance. The downside is that companies can quickly find themselves dependent on hardware from a single manufacturer, with the risk of proprietary lock-in. Blade servers, however, avoid costly cabling for space-saving, scalable, and efficient server technology.

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