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How to create an NFT? -IONOS


There is a wide range of NFT platforms where to sell tokens and make money with NFTs. The final choice of platform is up to you. But the process of selling your NFTs is more or less identical on the majority of them.

Once registered on the platform of your choice, upload the file from which you want to create your NFT. You can then mine your NFT directly through the platform. At this point, many platforms allow you to select your preferred blockchain. You can sell your non-fungible token at a set price.

The most important NFT platform is OpenSeawhich has the advantage of not charging any registration fees and is well suited to beginners. Fees are only due once the corresponding NFT has been sold. OpenSea users can pay via cryptocurrencies, but also via a credit card.

Another well-known NFT exchange site is SuperRare. This platform select NFTs, among which the works of famous designers. She takes a 15% commission from each sale, which is above average. Buyers also pay service fees on SuperRare when buying NFTs.

rare is another popular NFT platform. Rare is unique in that it is managed by its community. Users not only create and sell their own NFTs, but also actively contribute to the design and shape of the platform.

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