Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Creating a Myth of Empires server: nothing could be simpler!


For your Myth of Empires server, you have different options. We briefly present them to you below:

Both our Cloud server and our VPS (Virtual Private Server, virtual dedicated server) are virtual solutions for your servers. You therefore share the available hardware resources with the other users of your server. You have the possibility to adapt the pricing of the Cloud servers according to your needs, and this can be modified at any time; they apply billing by the minute. With VPS, you pay a fixed amount each month for the services you use.

You can also opt for a dedicated server. This option allows you to take advantage of all material resources for your own use. However, the exclusive nature of this server is also reflected in its price. The use of a dedicated server is nevertheless billed per minute, for an ideal price-quality ratio.

We think thata cloud server would be perfect for your Myth of Empires server. As this server solution is extremely scalable, you will always be able to react flexibly to any changing situation, including an increase in the number of players. The VPS also works great as a game server. With its fixed monthly fee, you can be sure that even the most intense of games won’t incur unexpected costs.

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