Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Unturned server: install an Unturned server


At IONOS, you can choose between the following three server types:

  • VPS: virtualized server resources; monthly fixed price
  • Cloud server: virtualized server resources; billing per minute
  • Dedicated Server: Dedicated enterprise hardware; billing per minute

The three server models mentioned are offered at different prices, with a guaranteed 400 Mbps broadband connection.

With a cloud server and VPS from IONOS, you rent resources that are fully virtualized and highly scalable. In the case of a Cloud server, the resources used are billed per minute and you only pay for what you have actually used. For VPS, you pay a fixed monthly amount based on the subscribed rate.

If you are looking for hardware that is exclusively reserved for you, dedicated servers from IONOS are the ideal choice. This enterprise solution is however more expensive than for the other two types of servers.

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