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Digital Communication

Word of Mouth: Word of Mouth in Marketing


Word-of-mouth marketing is a relevant aspect of marketing that relies on personal and/or daily recommendations. It offers orientation to potential customers, is credible and even saves marketing costs. Word-of-mouth marketing is relayed by comments in online shops, test websites and special forums (EWoM marketing), which increases its reach.

Businesses have long recognized and capitalized on the potential of recommendations in forums and product reviews. Word of mouth synonymous with marketing can to be one of the most authentic and honest forms of advertising that exists, which is extremely important to consumers on their journey to making a purchase decision. However, many are wary and prefer to look twice where and by whom the product has been reviewed and recommended, especially with regard to the EWoM. After all, influencers mainly benefit from word of mouth beyond the value of the recommended product.

Therefore, the adage that experiences from the immediate environment are the ones in whom we place the greatest trust and cannot be denied. Especially since it is possible most of the time to estimate for oneself the value of a particular recommendation because of its degree of personal proximity. But this is not always so easy online. The onus here is on companies to maintain their credibility and leave the prerogative of word-of-mouth marketing to users in an ideal scenario.

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