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Digital Communication

Install Python on Windows, Linux, and macOS


Anyone who wants to use Python needs two things: a code editor that, in the best case, allows syntax highlighting, and appropriate Python version for the system and its purpose of use. Your workstation doesn’t have to meet any specific hardware or software requirements to install Python.

When you opt for a version, you must answer two questions in particular:

  1. On which operating system do you want to use Python?
  2. What is the finality of your programming efforts?

You have a lot of freedom when choosing the platform. The open source language is available for Windows, Linux and macOS. A different installation package must be selected depending on the system.

The purpose of using Python is important, as different versions are recommended depending on usage. For example, if you want learn to program with Python, you can just turn to the latest version of Python. However, if you want program an application specific and guarantee compatibility with third-party modules, it is often better to bet on older versions. Before configuring Python, be sure to inform yourself about the most suitable version for your project.

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