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What is Nextcloud? – IONOS


Nextcloud allows you to manage your data on your own Cloud server, without having to cede data sovereignty to companies like Google or Apple. With a mix of self-hosting and private cloud computing, Nextcloud offers better data protection than commercial US providers. With Nextcloud, businesses and individuals without a dedicated IT department benefit from the advantages of a self-managed Cloud on private or hosted servers.

Nextcloud: what is it?

Nextcloud is a powerful, open-access cloud software for self-hosting and Cloud computing, which is aimed at both individuals and businesses. This is a “fork”: a parallel development branch of the OwnCloud project. OwnCloud and Nextcloud are open source alternatives to commercial cloud storage solutions like Amazon AWS, Google Drive or Apple iCloud. Additionally, these two Cloud solutions come from the same team of developers brought together by founder and developer Frank Karlitschek. Just like OwnCloud, Nextcloud exists in free full version as well as a paid pro solution.

Which platforms are compatible with Nextcloud?

In order to allow access to as many users as possible, Nextcloud is compatible with multiple platforms. It runs on the following operating systems for desktop and mobile devices:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • iOS

Additionally, Nextcloud offers easy integration with services like Amazon S3, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure and Dropbox.

What are the advantages of Nextcloud?

As an open-access Cloud solution for hosting, Nextcloud guarantees numerous advantages for both private and professional use. Here are a few :

  • Completely free open source solution
  • Free choice between Cloud computing on private servers on site or on host servers on secure sites with a high level of data protection
  • Secure, GDPR-compliant cloud storage with a high level of data protection
  • Anonymous file download
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Encrypted data on servers and SSL/TLS encryption during data transfer
  • Data sovereignty completely in the hands of individuals and businesses that implement Nextcloud
  • Centralized cloud computing independent of location or device
  • Nextcloud clients included, such as the Nextcloud Android app for synchronizing local directories between different devices
  • Active community on the lookout for security vulnerabilities in Nextcloud’s open source code
  • Open source approach that prevents intrusions by third-party companies
  • Enterprise versions offering dedicated customer support with flexible storage and compute capabilities

What functions does Nextcloud offer?

From simple modular data exchange to practical teamwork tools, including central storage in the Cloud, Nextcloud includes a wide range of functions adapted to teamwork. Here are the most important ones:

  • Downloads: Nextcloud works similar to Google Drive or its alternatives and allows you to upload and add individual or multiple files and folders, which can be viewed and edited anywhere and from any device
  • Nextcloud Files: with Nextcloud, not only do you set access rights for files, but you also choose public sharing URLs. With this feature, you have the ability to collaborate as a team on a document, using features such as comments, real-time collaboration, and application integration for Microsoft Office documents
  • Nextcloud Office: the Cloud solution includes its own online office suite, with collaborative tools and compatibility with all major file formats
  • Nextcloud Hub: it is the central user interface that allows you to integrate, control and manage the four main functions of Nextcloud (Files, Talk, Office and Groupware)
  • Nextcloud Talk: a function with practical tools for video calls, conferences, screen sharing or classic team instant messaging
  • Nextcloud Groupware: Useful planning and calendar tool, Groupware includes an address book, calendar, contact list and more

Which plugins and applications for Nextcloud?

The working power and versatility of the Nextcloud solution can be further personalized and extended using different Nextcloud plugins and applications. Enough to greatly optimize the functions of the Cloud according to the needs or the size of the work group! Here are some of the most practical applications and plugins for Nextcloud:

  • OnlyOffice: Office application compatible with Microsoft Word, which supports all major document types (text, tables, presentations, forms), mail function, joint document editing with mobile or desktop versions
  • Reader: reading application for e-books and file formats such as Epub, PDF, CBR or CBZ with customizable page display, configurable fonts and colors and night mode available
  • Nextcloud Deck: organization app with a clear layout for managing appointments, tasks, deadlines or intermediate project statuses
  • Passwords: application to manage and edit the passwords of one or more profiles
  • Nextcloud Talk: one of Nextcloud’s key products for video and audio calls, live chats, conferencing and screen sharing
  • Cookbook: Practical cooking application to store, find and manage your cooking recipes –Nextcloud Calendar (Android / iOS): Handy organizer to sync appointments, tasks and deadlines across devices with reminder and invitation functions
  • News: clear application for news feeds related to all Nextcloud news
  • Nextcloud Notes: Note-taking application like Microsoft’s OneNote

Nextcloud, how much does it cost?

Nextcloud exists in full free version and in a paid Enterprise version. The paid version includes:

  • Basic: €36 per year/profile from 100 people;
  • Standard : €65 per year/profile from 100 people;
  • Premium: €95.5 per year/profile from 100 people.

Is Nextcloud suitable for businesses?

While it is true that Nextcloud is also of interest for use in the private sector, its installation can quickly prove tedious for newbies. This is why there remains above all a suitable solution to companies able to invest time in Nextcloud integration. At the end of the day, they have their own Cloud with the security of their data and the use of the Cloud in complete security. Nextcloud also presents some very positive points for businesses:

  • Teamwork and office features integrated or optional via application or plugin
  • Use of the Cloud everywhere and from any device, desktop or mobile terminal
  • Centralized storage and file synchronization between different devices
  • High security and data sovereignty compliant with GDPR
  • Individual access rights and password assignment
  • Built-in encryption for downloads and stored server-side data
  • Enterprise offers scalable according to structure size, storage needs, customer service and integrated Nextcloud functions

Use your personal, secure Cloud storage and avoid the hassle of installation and maintenance with Managed Nextcloud by IONOS.

How does Managed Nextcloud work?

Are you looking for a secure, high-performance Cloud solution without having to do all the installation and configuration work? Then Managed Nextcloud is the solution you need. According to the principle of Managed Cloud-Hosting, you entrust the installation and maintenance of your server structure to a professional host. Without any installation or maintenance, this solution allows you to concentrate on the advantages of a centralized Cloud. This includes teamwork and office functions, the assignment of access rights and credentials as well as the scalable storage, processing and sharing of files and documents via your own private Cloud. In case of questions or problems, you generally have customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advantages of Managed Nextcloud

Given that the installation and maintenance of Cloud hosting with its own private Cloud remains very costly in time and resources, the Managed-Nextcloud solution has several advantages:

  • No installation fees, maintenance or updates
  • Secure server infrastructure with host servers in Europe (like IONOS)
  • Access to Nextcloud functions from a desktop PC or mobile terminal
  • Basic functions extensible by applications and plugins
  • Storage sovereignty with a high level of data protection

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