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What is iCloud Drive? Application and setup


The iCloud Drive app lets you optimize your use of Apple iCloud, regardless of location, file format, or device.

Overview: What is iCloud Drive?

iCloud Drive is an application available on almost all devices that helps you optimize your use of the Apple iCloud service.

  • Available for iOS, macOS and Windows devices
  • Allows you to download all common file formats
  • 5 GB of storage is free, a paid upgrade option is offered

In Details: What is iCloud Drive?

Since 2011, Apple has offered its own solution for backing up photos, videos and other data with iCloud online storage. The iCloud Drive service was launched at the same time, and has been constantly evolving since. While iCloud stands for online storage in its own right, iCloud Drive is an application that simplifies both automatic backup to the Mac and other Apple and Windows devices, as well as targeted storage, editing and sharing of all popular file formats. You have exactly the storage space you reserved. The first 5 gigabytes are always free.

iCloud Drive user interface on Mac
iCloud Drive, for example, creates backups from your desktop and allows structured storage of all file types.

How does iCloud Drive work?

You use your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud Drive and save files or access existing data in iCloud. It is possible here to connect to several devices with a single identifier. Apple applications such as Keynotes or Numbers are notably compatible with iCloud Drive. It means that you can open, edit and save files directly from iCloud Drive. Changes to a file are synced directly across all devices. This makes it possible to work on multiple devices, even with multiple people. Share folders and files and create links that can be used by people who don’t have iCloud Drive.

Work more effectively as a team: With Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, you get comprehensive solutions that allow you to collaborate flexibly, anywhere and on any device.

The features and handling of iCloud Drive are in many ways reminiscent of other common cloud solutions. You can consult the existing providers and the differences between the solutions in our comparison of cloud storages.

IONOS offers its own secure online storage with HiDrive.

iCloud Drive storage size and pricing

The iCloud Drive app itself is available for free. It comes with 5GB of free storage in iCloud. You can get more space for a monthly fee:

  • 50 GB of storage for 0.99 euros
  • 200 GB of storage for 2.99 euros
  • 2 TB of storage for 9.99 euros

Setting up iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is available for iOS 13, macOS Catalina but also Windows devices. For the latter, Apple recommends Windows 10 at least as an operating system. iCloud Drive also works on older versions of all operating systems, but generally with limited functionality.

iCloud Drive for Apple devices

iCloud Drive is installed directly on Apple devices. It is important to ensure that you update the system regularly to ensure that it functions properly. When you are signing in to an Apple device for the first time, you are prompted to enter your Apple ID. The next step is to determine what content should be automatically stored in the cloud via iCloud Drive. You can make changes later in System Settings using your Apple ID.

iCloud Drive: settings in the “Apple ID” section
For example, you can specify the content of your device automatically stored in the Cloud in the “Apple ID” section.

You can access your folders on the iPhone via the “Files” app, where you will find the “iCloud Drive” section. On iPad and Mac, select the “Go > iCloud Drive” menu from the top taskbar.

iCloud Drive for Windows

You can use the web client for iCloud Drive on Windows devices. To do this, log in to with your Apple ID, then manage all cloud folders and files in your browser. You can also use the iCloud control panel. To do this, download the “iCloud for Windows” app and sign in with your Apple ID. To access your folders, then open the program.

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