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What is Google One? Cloud storage


People who use Google One “subscribe” to additional cloud storage for Google Drive and Google services like Photos, Docs, and Gmail at the price they want. Depending on your needs, Google One can provide 100 GB, 200 GB, or even 2,000 GB of storage. Additional benefits include technical support, additional filters and effects for photos and videos, and Google Store discounts.

All price indications are as of December 2022.

Google One: what is it?

If you use Google Drive, you may have already wondered: what is Google One? The answer is simple: Google Drive users automatically benefit from 15 GB of free storage in the Google Cloud. But if you have to back up very large or many files, if you want to create WhatsApp backups with Google Drive or share the storage space with your family members, you should turn to Google One. This is a subscription model for a fee allowing you to expand the storage available in the Cloud.

The Google One subscription is currently available in three plans of 100 GB, 200 GB and 2000 GB. When you subscribe to Google One, nothing changes about how you use Google Drive. You automatically benefit from cloud storage and additional functions. Unlike Google Workspace, Google One is intended for private use only. Businesses that need more storage and more powerful tools for video conferencing and teamwork are turning to Google Workspace subscription models instead.

If you need Google Cloud storage for business use, go for the business version of Google Cloud. Use Google Workspace with IONOS: All Google apps are together, including business email and team collaboration features.

How does Google One work?

Google One works like Google Drive. Its use does not require additional settings. You'll still use your Drive's storage features to back up files to the Cloud, sync local files with Google Drive, or use Google Drive offline. The difference in cloud capacity only concerns the larger storage volume. This means that attachments, files, photos and videos are always added to the used space. Access to files regardless of device and location, as well as file sharing from Drive, is retained. There is therefore no separation between storage space for Google Drive and Google One.

What additional features does Google One offer?

In addition to expanding cloud storage, Google offers many additional features depending on the subscription. These include:

  • 24/7 technical support for Google One subscribers
  • Shared family storage for up to five members (with separate storage)
  • Google Play credits
  • Up to 10% Off Google Store Purchases
  • Discounts for hotel reservations
  • Access to Google One VPN (included with Google One Premium)
  • Additional image and video editing tools and filters

What does Google One cost?

Pricing for Google One is tiered as follows:

  • Basic price with 100 GB for €1.99 per month
  • Standard price with 200 GB for €2.99 per month
  • Premium rate with 2,000 GB for €9.99 per month

Those who opt for an annual payment method also benefit from a 17% discount on the total price (as of December 2022).

How to activate Google One?

If you don't have one yet, you must first create a Google account to activate Google One. You will first be asked to create an email address. To do this, you can link an existing email address to your Google account or create a new Gmail account. Then go directly to Google One website, then select an appropriate subscription. Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal or Google Pay credit.

The different Google One subscription plans
Google One offers you three different paid subscriptions for expanded cloud storage. / Source:

To cancel your Google One subscription, sign in to Google and go to Google One. It is possible to cancel your subscription at any time for the end of the current billing period.

Google One compared to other providers

Google One highlights a large volume of storage for individuals. If you are looking for similar cloud services or alternatives to Google Drive, our comparison table offers you an overview:

Cloud Service Features Prices from 100 GB to 2 TB Server Locations
Google One Subscription-based cloud storage for data and device backup, with “family storage” 100 GB: €1.99 per month 200 GB: €2.99 per month USA/Worldwide
HiDrive Cloud storage for saving, editing, syncing and sharing files; creation of automated backups; highly secure and ISO certified German data centers 100 GB: €1 per month 250 GB: €3 per month 2 TB: €10 per month Germany
OneDrive Cloud service for individuals and professionals for backup, centralized data access and sharing of large data by link 100 GB: €2 per month 1 TB: €69 per year UNITED STATES
Dropbox Expanded cloud storage for collaborative work, file sharing and centralized file access 2 TB: €9.99 per month 5 TB: €15.99 per month Individuals: US Business: US, Australia, EU, Japan, UK
Your Secure Cloud German Cloud Storage for Business Data Backup and File Collaboration 100 GB: €7.99 per month Germany

Status: December 2022

Do you want to benefit from the highest data protection standards for your cloud storage? Then opt for IONOS HiDrive online storage Back up your files at affordable rates in highly secure ISO certified data centers in Germany.

What is the Google One app?

As with Google Drive, a Google One subscription allows you to access expanded cloud storage from any device. You can therefore use your data in the Cloud using a desktop or mobile browser. Google also offers the Google One application. This application allows you to save important data on your mobile devices under Android and iOS, and back up documents, as well as photos and videos, chats, contacts, or even calendar notes. To sync important data and folders to your desktop, use Google One to install the Backup & Sync service for Mac or Windows.

Google One app in the Google Play Store
With the Google One app, you can back up your data and create automatic backups of your devices.

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