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SSH key with GitHub: what to consider?


Secure Shell (SSH) is the default tool for encrypted access to remote systems. SSH allows you to connect to a server from a local development machine. Github uses SSH as the transmission protocol and allows read and write access to remote repositories.

An encrypted connection is used to allow themachine authentication and to guarantee the integrity of the transmitted data. Without it, third parties would be able to make changes to the repositories.

Github over SSH uses asymmetric encryption as the encryption method. In doing so, a private and public key pair is created Firstly. It is also called “Public-Private Keypair”. The private key stays on the personal computer, while the public key is shared with third parties like GitHub.

When using an SSH key to access GitHub repositories, you do not need to enter a password. In general, logging in without a password is considered more secure, because keyloggers or Trojan horses cannot spy on and access your data. Instead of a person knowing the password, we therefore use a machine on which the private key is stored.

Using GitHub via SSH is very convenient. Once configured, the SSH key allows permanent access to GitHub without any further intervention. others protocols and services also leverage SSH keys for an encrypted network connection. The secure SFTP protocol can also be used to exchange files with servers without additional configuration.

Connecting to Git repositories is usually done in the command line prompt. Once the SSH key is configured, you can easily push it to your own repository:

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