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Digital Communication

Domain auction: how it works


A market place makes it easy to put .fr, .com or other domains up for auction. You thus find thousands of potential buyers on a large marketplace like Sedo. Simply list your domain by creating an account with the auction house and offering the domain for sale. Depending on the marketplace, you have several options such as immediate purchases or auctions within a defined period of time. To avoid losses, it is possible to set a minimum bid. For successful sales, the auction site usually charges a commission fee.

Here’s how to properly use a domain marketplace on Sedo, for example:

Step 1 : create an account on

2nd step : offer the domain for sale by listing it for free. You can use the “Buy It Now” option without bidding or launching an auction. While listing a domain is free, a fee of 59 euros is levied for a direct auction (status: 10/2022).

Step 3: in the event of a successful sale, a commission fee of 15-20% is charged. Then the right of ownership is transferred free of charge to the buyer, trustee service included. Added to this is the Auth code generated by the registrar, which you receive from your access provider and your domain provider. This is where the difference between buying and registering a domain lies, because a domain itself cannot be bought. Instead, you purchase the usage rights as the domain owner.

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