Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Open an .eml file: emails in text format


Format compatibility makes it easy to open .eml files. In general, it suffices to double-click on the file to let the operating system open the format with the appropriate program assigned to it. In most cases it is a common mail client. When you click on the .eml file, your e-mail program opens and displays the corresponding message completely and without any modification. If you want to use a specific program to open an .eml file, right-click to select the program you want.

You can also use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer to open .eml files. This works because the .eml format is organized similarly to the .mht format, which can be used to store and archive websites. As .eml stores all email content and its attachments as text, you can also use a text editor to open an .eml file. All providers are suitable for this purpose.

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