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MySQL REPLACE: replace a substring – IONOS


To summarize the MySQL REPLACE command, one sentence is enough: MySQL REPLACE replaces all occurrences of a substring with another substring. However, to deepen this statement, we will focus on the structure of the MySQL software. The database management system uses tables to store your data and make it available to you when needed. It stores this data as strings, in single or double quotes. A writing error can therefore slip in, as well as a information stored can become obsolete. The MySQL REPLACE command can then help you.

No longer manually search for each occurrence of the useless substring, at the risk of missing one: the MySQL REPLACE command takes care of it. This searches for all locations where the specified substring appears and replaces it each time with new information, which you can set to replace an outdated URL, fix errors in numbers or letters, or update other values ​​in your table that have changed to get an optimized and up-to-date collection of data. The MySQL REPLACE command is easy to use and has almost no potential pitfalls.

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