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Digital Communication

C language: introduction to programming


The naming of the programming languages ​​C, C++ and C#, sometimes also called C++++, can be confusing at first sight due to their similarity. The differences between these different languages ​​are obvious, however, because C++, C# and C follow different programming paradigms: while C is an imperative programming language, C# and C++ are object-oriented programming languages.

But what is the difference between C# and C++? This is where things get a bit tricky… The C language is a subset of C++, which means that all C programs can also be written in C++. the C++ contains a number of extensionslike object orientation, which C didn’t have yet.

Although C# is also object-oriented, it is considered more accessible than C++. This explains in particular by memory management, easier in C#. Also, C# was originally designed for Windows and not for Linux and is based on .NET Framework, which requires its users to have .NET Runtime installed. If the C# language is suitable for all types of programs, it is mainly used for game development, less for hardware-related programming.

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