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MySQL CONCAT: combine two or more strings


The operation of the MySQL relational database management system is table-based. Your data is stored clearly in columns and rows; all you have to do is consult them or even link them, if necessary. This can be useful if you need information from two or more tables.

MySQL CONCAT is therefore the command that allows you to merge multiple columns. You can use this string functionality to concatenate two or more expressions, which are then grouped together and displayed as a single string. As far as the MySQL CONCAT command is concerned, there are various possible uses. Its name, “MySQL CONCAT”, comes from the English verb “concatenate”.

Since MySQL stores data in multiple tables with different columns and rows, these are naturally distinct from each other. For some queries or tasks, however, it may be necessary todisplay this information together ; we provide examples below. As an indication, it may be interesting to combine a name, a first name and an address. Since this information is primarily stored individually in columns, you can search or view it separately. However, if you need to combine these three data types, the MySQL CONCAT command can help you.

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