Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Make a Reel on Instagram: here’s how to do it


Instagram offers useful tools to make Reals on Instagram to organize the publication according to your desires. The following functions are available:

Audio : Add background music suitable for short videos from a pre-selected music list. You can also search for specific music.

Duration : Set a video duration between 15, 30, 60 and 60 seconds in advance.

Speed : Determine a video tempo with levels ranging from a single speedup to a fivefold speedup.

Effects : the effects are numerous, various filters and animations are available and can be superimposed on the videos.

Layout : If you don’t want to only use portrait mode, you can use the layout function to divide the screen into several parts.

Timer : The timer function allows you to preset the length of the video and use a three or ten second countdown before the recording begins.

Insert text : After recording the short video, it is possible to create and format text as desired, which you can then place as you wish in the short video.

Stickers and GIFs : for a more colorful and varied rendering, stickers and GIFs are available after recording via the sticker icon.

Voice off : the voice-over function allows short videos to be accompanied by spoken content.

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