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Digital Communication

Become an influencer on Instagram: tips and tricks


On Instagram, the hashtags are essential and allow to be found via the algorithm. Thus, add to all your posts different hashtags under which you want to be found. The rule is: the less, the better. Instagram recommends three to five hashtags per post. It may be interesting to choose a standard hashtag, so that potential followers will quickly find you under it. But the opposite also has its advantages: the wider the range of hashtags you cover with your content, the more users you reach.

It is important toadapt your hashtags to current trends. To do this, you need to be active on the platform yourself and compare the hashtags of popular influencers. But it can also be interesting to take inspiration from other internet trends. The world days are a good example: certain days of the year are assigned to different topics and are popular as hashtags. A simple search on the Internet allows you to find which day is devoted to which theme. Thus, you will be able to share content about your cat or dog on the occasion of the international day against the abandonment of pets on June 25.

If you are not sure which hashtags to use under your post, you can use hashtag generators like the one from Sistrix|Instagram Hashtag Generator – SISTRIX| )). Such a generator will help you find the most popular and suitable Instagram hashtags.

If you prefer your posts to look “cleaner”, you can also place your hashtags as a comment under your own publication. So they will somehow hide. People who follow you can then only see the hashtags when they click “Show all comments” under your post.

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