Digital Communication


Digital Communication

.log: operating system and server logs


With each use, different commands and operations are executed on a computer, server or router. The ideal scenario would see every system running smoothly. However, if errors and problems occur or if the need to optimize certain aspects arises, it is necessary to check and analyze transactions which took place. For this reason, most common systems create .log files. These serve as a logbook or system log, in which all events can be logged and analyzed later. A .log file is usually a document in which various system events are recorded in clear text.

This allows users to later check how certain errors may have occurred or see if unwanted actions were performed in a system. Some .log files allow you to recover deleted or lost data. It is important to note here that the size of .log files is often limited. When this value is reached, the old entries are automatically deleted in favor of newer lines.

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