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Install and configure Docker on Windows 10


If Docker was first developed for Linux, the Docker Desktop development environment has since also established itself on Windows platforms. Discover with us the prerequisites and installation steps for Docker on Windows 10, to develop and test your applications in isolated containers.

Docker Desktop for Windows 10: technical specifications

Docker Desktop provides you with all the tools you need to run Docker applications on your desktop, including Docker Engine, Docker Command Line Interface (CLI) tools, and Docker Compose. It also offers other capabilities, such as automatic image uploading, container sharing via the Cloud, and integration with Integrated development environments (IDE) and build tools .

Furthermore, Docker Desktop is free if you don’t use it for commercial purposes. It can be downloaded from the official Docker website. Both powerful and flexible, this platform helps developers create applications quickly and efficiently.

To use Docker, you need to enable virtualization in Windows, because container technology requires a Linux kernel, this coming from a virtual machine (“Virtual machine” or VM). It is important to note that Windows Professional and Enterprise systems support both Hyper-V and Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2) as virtualization approaches. However, when it comes to Windows Home, it is necessary to go through WSL 2 to run Docker Desktop.

Your Windows 10 system must meet the following prerequisites to ensure successful installation of Docker:

  • Processor (CPU) : 64 bits with second level address translation (SLAT)
  • RAM : 4GB
  • Operating system : Windows 10 Home, Professional or Enterprise
  • Virtualization : Hardware virtualization must be enabled in the computer’s Basic input/output system (BIOS).
  • Hyper-V : optional for Windows Professional or Enterprise
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2) : it should be activated for Windows Home
  • Hard disk space : 20 GB minimum
  • Internet connection : sufficient to download packages

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Install Docker on Windows 10: step-by-step instructions

There are two solutions to install Docker on Windows 10: you can use installation wizard with graphical user interface or command line. Discover with us the two methods applicable to all editions of Windows 10.

Step 1: Download and Run Docker Desktop

Go to Docker Hub to download the official version of Docker Desktop. Once the download is complete, run the file Docker Desktop Installer.exe. If your system supports both Hyper-V and WSL 2, you should choose one of these two methods. If Hyper-V or WSL 2 is activated, only one possibility will be displayed. You also have the option to create a shortcut to your desktop.

Docker Installation Wizard configuration options
The installation wizard lets you choose Hyper-V or WSL 2 to configure Docker

The installation process can then begin.

Docker Desktop: installation process
Docker Desktop installation process

You can also use the command line to install Docker on Windows 10. All you need to do is enter the following command in a terminal :

$ "Docker Desktop Installer.exe" install


It is also possible to go through PowerShell for installation:

Start-Process ‘Docker Desktop Installer.exe’ -Wait install


You can use the Windows command line (cmd) similarly for the installation:

start /w "" "Docker Desktop Installer.exe" install


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Step 2: Restart Windows

Query: Restart Windows after installation is complete
Once the installation is complete, you should restart your system.

If the administrator’s account is not the same as the user’s account, you must add the latter to the group docker-users. To do this, go to “Computer Management” as administrator, then to Local Users and Groups/Groups/docker-users. You can add the user to the group using a right-click. You must then log in again so that the change is taken into account.

You can achieve the same effect using the terminal. Instead of then enter your username:

$  net localgroup docker-users <user> /add


Step 3: Start Docker Desktop

Once the system has restarted, launch Docker Desktop and run your first container. The window that opens gives you access to the Docker tutorial.

Docker Desktop Tutorial
Docker Desktop Tutorial

Once the installation is complete, Docker commands are also available to you in the command line.

Docker command in terminal
You can run the Docker command in the terminal after the installation is complete.

You can directly download and launch Docker images through the Docker Desktop user interface. Enter the name of the application in the search bar, then click “run”. For our example, we chose the HTTP server Nginx.

Run Nginx container
You can run the Nginx container in Docker Desktop.

In your browser, under http://localhost:80/you can verify that the “nginx” Linux container is running on your Windows 10 system.

Launch Nginx container in browser
Launch Nginx container in browser

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Do you prefer to use Linux? Do not hesitate to consult our instructions to find out how to install Docker on Ubuntu 22.04 or how to install Docker on Debian 11.

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