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How to install a CS2 server on Linux step by step


Do you want to play Counter Strike 2 with friends while having the best game and moderation configurations? In this case, a Dedicated, self-hosted Counter Strike 2 Linux server is the best solution. We show you how to easily install and use the necessary software on your Ubuntu system.

System requirements for a CS2 server under Linux

It is in principle possible to self-host a Counter Strike 2 server, even on your own computer. However, in order to ensure a smooth gaming experience for all players, the Linux hosting system must meet a few minimum requirements:

  • CPU : 4 threads (cores), e.g. Intel Core i5 750 or better
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • GPU : AMD or Nvidia- GPU with GCN or Kepler architecture or better; current Vulkan drivers must be installed
  • Memory : 85 GB

If you want to keep your system secure or add additional modifications (such as using custom maps or increasing the number of players), it is best to use higher performance hardware, including usinghosting by a provider.

Which CS2 server to choose?

You can choose to host your CS2 server on your own computer but we do not recommend this for several reasons. First, the speed of the Internet connection in private homes is rarely enough to ensure a smooth gaming experience for players. Second, the server only stays online when the host computer is turned on. Third, it is not recommended to host the server on the device you want to play on for performance reasons.

It is for these reasons that we recommend using a hosting provider for your server. This way, you are sure to be able to provide a smooth and consistent gaming experience to all players. Servers hosted by a provider are often simple to upgrade. If you want to increase the maximum number of players, simply change your plan. At IONOS you have the choice between three different types of servers :

  • Cloud server: virtualized server resources with per-minute billing

  • VPS server: virtualized server resources with fixed monthly plan

  • Dedicated server: dedicated server with per-minute billing

Concerning Cloud and VPS servers, this is virtualized server resources. This means that the server is running on a computer that is used by other clients. On the other hand, the dedicated server is a hardware serverwhich is exclusively reserved for you.

The two types of virtualized servers differ mainly in their system of billing. If you choose a Cloud server, you are only billed for the time you spend on the server. If you opt for a VPS server, you pay a fixed monthly fee.

For each type of server, you have the choice between several prices and different operating systems. This allows you to tailor your game server to your personal needs.

Five CS2 game scenarios and corresponding servers

The best server for beginners

Anyone who wants to host a server for the first time can quickly feel overwhelmed by the range of possibilities. Due to its low starting price and simple upgrade possibilities, the Cloud server is the best option for beginners. If you subsequently need more power or storage space, or if you are connected more often than expected, you can easily change your plan.

Try Cloud Server for free with IONOS

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Unlimited traffic

VMware Virtualization

Installing a CS2 server: instructions for use

Below we explain how to install a CS2 server on Linux step by step.

Step 1: Install Steam and SteamCMD

First you need to start the command line tool SteamCMD. If you don’t have this program in your system yet, you need to install SteamCMD. You also need the Steam client. To do this, type this command on your interface:

sudo apt install steam


Step 2: Download CS2 Game Files

Launch SteamCMD using steamcmd. To download Counter Strike 2 game files, you must first log in to your Steam user account. Type the following commands into SteamCMD (replacing [nom d’utilisateur]by your Steam username):

login [nom d’utilisateur]


SteamCMD Registration
Log in using your Steam credentials in SteamCMD.

To create a CS2 server, you must enable Steam Guard in your Steam account.

Then enter your Steam Guard password and code. Before downloading the game files, you can define a storage location on which the files will be stored. To do this, enter the following command (replacing /cheminby the path to which you want to store your files):

force_install_dir /chemin


You can now download game files :

app_update 730 validate


After successfully downloading and checking the downloaded game files, you then need to check that the file steamclient.soexists in directory ~/.steam/sdk64. If this is not the case, you must create a link to another directory. Check if steamclient.soexists in directory ~/.local/share/Steam/steamcmd/linux64. If this is the case, type the following command to create the link:

ln -s ~/.local/share/Steam/steamcmd/linux64/ ~/.steam/sdk64/


Create a symbolic link
If the Steam client does not exist in the correct directory, you can create a symbolic link.

If you don’t see both folders .localAnd .steamdo show hidden files. You can enable this option using File Explorer using the key combination [Strg] + [H]. If you only see the folder .localthis means that you need to install Steam first or the installation was incorrect.

Step 3: Generate an authentication token

The next step is to generate a authentication token. To do this, go to the page of Steam game server account management. You then need to go to the location of the downloaded game files and navigate to the configuration file Steam/steamapps/common/cs2/game/csgo/cfg/server.cfg. If you did not assign a storage folder when downloading, the file should be located under ~/Steam/steamapps/common/cs2/game/csgo/cfg/server.cfg. Open the file and copy the text below into the file (replacing [token]by the token you have just generated):

sv_setsteamaccount "[token]"


Generate an authentication token
You can generate an authentication token on the Steam site.

Step 4: Start CS2 Server

Now your server should be up and running. Navigate to directory ~/Steam/steamapps/common/cs2/game/csgo/bin/linuxsteamrt64and open a terminal window. Run the following command:

./cs2 -dedicated -usercon +game_type 0 +game_mode 1 +map de_overpass -port 27016


Enter the CS2 server start command
You can change the boot command arguments as you wish.

You can change the settings game_type, game_mode, mapAnd portaccording to your wishes in order to offer another gaming experience or to make the server accessible via another port. However, you must specify the same port that you specified when starting the server to connect to the server. In order to establish a connection to the server, you must enter the following command in the CS2 console on another computer (with another Steam account): connect [IP]:[Port](respectively replacing[IP]And [Port]by the IP of your hosting computer and the port you indicated when starting the server). You can also save this data in the Steam client under “View > Game Server”.

Want to play on another map, but not sure what to enter? You will find the different cards and their designations in the file ~/Steam/steamapps/common/cs2/game/csgo/maps.

Register CS2 server IP and port
You can save your server address data in the Steam client.

If you want to share your server address with a large number of people, a classic IP address is certainly sufficient, but quickly becomes complicated. Take advantage of the ability to associate your CS2 server with your own domain. Thanks to an original name and a game domain adapted as .gg, you will arouse public curiosity about your server and also simplify manual connection. Get started now and check the availability of the domain of your choice with the IONOS Domain Check solution!

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