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How to cancel Office 365 subscription?


Don’t need Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, anymore? Canceling the subscription is a good option. If you purchased your Microsoft 365 subscription directly from Microsoft, termination is done by logging into your Microsoft customer account. If the subscription was purchased from a third-party supplier, the termination conditions may be different.

What does Microsoft 365 include?

With Microsoft 365, the Redmond company offers all major office applications in one cloud-based subscription. Formerly known as Office 365, Microsoft 365 brings common Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, Exchange Server, Outlook, OneDrive or PowerPoint directly to you via the Microsoft cloud. No more installing the Office suite on your own desktop or on other media.

If you want to buy Microsoft 365, you’ll need a Microsoft account. This allows you to choose the license model that suits you on the Microsoft website and install the necessary software. With your subscription, you use Microsoft apps unlimitedly via the Microsoft 365 web interface.

Depending on the subscription plan chosen, the range of functions will be different and you will even have complete versions that can be installed locally for computers or mobile devices. Thus, the prices of Microsoft 365 differ depending on whether you use the office suite in a family and private setting as an Individual, a Microsoft 365 for Business enterprise solution) or even in the context of studies with a teaching license. Its great advantage: With its SaaS model in the cloud, you have access to all important Office services from anywhere and on any device. In return, this means that your data is hosted on external servers, primarily in the United States.

What to pay attention to before termination

If you purchased the Office 365 subscription to be canceled directly from Microsoft, termination can be done via your customer account. You can even delete your Microsoft Office 365 account. If you purchased Microsoft 365 from a third-party provider, take a look at the termination terms and address the termination to the relevant provider. Note that the data you have saved in Outlook or OneDrive as well as your access to Microsoft applications will also be lost by deleting the Microsoft account.

You have 60 days to change your mind if you want to recover an account deleted by mistake. After this time, all account data will be lost. If you cancel the Microsoft 365 subscription, the profiles that depend on the subscription concerned immediately lose their editing rights and can only access the data in read-only mode, for a limited period. If canceled Microsoft 365 subscriptions managed multiple users in a company, for example, administrators can access the data for another 90 days after termination.

Cancel a Microsoft 365 subscription: walkthrough

Here’s how to cancel Microsoft 365:

Cancel Microsoft 365 for individuals

Step 1 : sign in to the Microsoft page Subscription management with your customer credentials.
2nd step : go to the “Services and subscriptions” section and choose the subscription concerned. Then go to Manage > unsubscribe. This may also be called “Cancel” or “Upgrade”.
Step 3 : then follow the instructions given by Microsoft 365 to cancel the subscription. Termination takes effect immediately, even in the case of monthly or annual billing.

In some cases, the statement ” Enable auto-renewal may appear upon termination. This means that your subscription will expire at the end of the paid period anyway. In this case, the subscription will end automatically without any action on your part.

Delete a Microsoft Office 365 account

If you no longer want to use Microsoft services, it is better to delete the whole Microsoft account. To do this, again log in to your account and follow in the office app the path Settings > Help and Support > Delete > Delete Account > Close Account. The “Mark account for closure” command allows you to request account deletion.

In the Navigatorlog in to the Microsoft site, search for “Delete” in the search bar, go to “Delete account” and select the command ” Close the account “. Again, confirm by clicking “Mark account for closure” to permanently delete your Microsoft account.

Is there a notice period for Microsoft 365?

One of the advantages of Microsoft 365 is that the termination of a subscription takes effect immediately, whether you have opted for a monthly or annual billing period. You are therefore no longer bound to Microsoft if you do not wish it, in particular when you change supplier. If you purchased an annual subscription, simply let it expire at the end of the billing period. You can also request a refund of the amount paid for the remaining period within 30 days of renewing the subscription.

If you are still in trial period for subscription, you can also terminate the trial period within 30 days. This will save you from having a free trial subscription that automatically turns into a paid subscription. Free subscriptions to Microsoft 365 typically last for one month.

Are you looking for a practical alternative to Microsoft 365 with similar applications to work independently? Use Google Workspace by IONOS and enjoy Google applications in the Cloud, with professional mailbox and all teamwork functions.

Termination of Microsoft services: what are the consequences?

A terminated Microsoft 365 subscription results in the loss of all data and files related to the subscription at the latest after 90 days. Once terminated, Office services can still be opened in reading mode but it is no longer possible to edit or create files or documents. However, it is still possible to open, print and save these files on other media from the Cloud for a period of 30 days. If you completely delete your account, you will also lose access to the associated Skype service as well as Outlook functions.

Truly network wherever you want and from the device of your choice with Microsoft 365 by IONOS. Enjoy data storage, the entire Office package and secure data protection on European servers.

What are the alternatives to Microsoft 365?

Depending on the type of subscription, Microsoft 365 offers access to versions most recent known Office suite programs such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. You will also find practical services for teamwork and communication such as Outlook and Exchange for messaging and calendaring, group discussions, video conferences as well as up to 1 TB of memory with Microsoft OneDrive. If however Microsoft 365 is not for you, there are many alternatives to Microsoft 365.

The Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 comparison shows that the service Google Workspace turns out to be a sensible solution and a major competitor. It includes all the office functions that facilitate teamwork, including Google Docs, Agenda or Gmail. Other collaborative tools, word processing and simultaneous group work software include OpenOffice, LibreOffice, iWork for iCloud, Dropbox Business and OX App Suite solutions.

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