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Digital Communication

Git Commit: create project snapshots in Git


The Git command Git Commit is one of the most important and used commands while working on a project. Once you’ve made the changes to your project, tested them from all angles, and you’re happy with the result, use Git Commit to create a snapshot of the current state. Git considers this snapshot to be a safe version and only makes changes to it if explicitly requested. If you are working with a local repository, Git Commit also creates the snapshot there without affecting other repositories that can access it via Git Push and Git Pull.

This is also the difference between Git and SVN. Git’s decentralized approach allows developers to work simultaneously on a single project. Each team member is able to commit their own progress to the local repo with Git Commit, which not only keeps changes to a point in time, but also to access this same state later. This feature significantly improves the level of security by protecting against errors. It is therefore better to perform Git Commits at regular intervals after major changes.

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