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Digital Communication

C++++ explained: what is behind this programming language?


Developers have been working with the C programming language since 1972. The C++ extension was introduced as early as 1979. The new name is explained as follows: the ++ sign is part of the C operators and C++ operators. It allows you to create an incremental increase, so to calculate “+1” at each pass. All those who are knowledgeable in C therefore understand that C++ is an extension of C. We also find ++ in Java operators.

To indicate a new extension, one could again add two plus signs, but that makes no sense from a software programming point of view. It is perhaps for this reason that the term C++++ did not impose itself. Instead, we use the C# name. But with a little imagination, it is possible to find C++++ in this well-known name. Simply create a square with plus signs to get a sharp.

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