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0x80070490: detect and fix this update error


Typically, error code 0x80070490 appears following a Windows update. The easiest solution to resolve this issue is to use the troubleshooter. If this method does not work, you can also scan the system and then repair it yourself.

Error code 0x80070490: what is it?

The error 0x80070490, regardless of the Windows version you are using. This problem often appears during an update, or just after it. Generally, it occurs becausea component of the update is defective, or even simply missing. Windows then returns error code 0x80070490 to protect the system. Although it is impossible to completely avoid such an error, Windows nevertheless provides several solutions that can help you correct the error in question. Discover with us the two most common resolution methods.

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Fix Error 0x80070490 with Troubleshooter

To fix error code 0x80070490, the easiest solution is to use the Windows Troubleshooter. This is in fact capable of analyzing the system and looking for errors; he can too directly attempt to resolve these. If this solution does not work, you will need to try another method. Follow the steps below to access the troubleshooter:

  1. Start by accessing your settings from the “Start” menu.
  2. Then select the “Update and Security” section.
  3. Click “Troubleshooting,” then “Additional troubleshooting utilities.”
  4. Under “Provisioning”, then select the “Windows Update” option and start the troubleshooting process. Once you click “Next”, troubleshooting begins. The process may take some time. Be careful not to turn off your computer until it is finished.
  5. As soon as Windows has identified the cause of error 0x80070490 and corrected it, a notification will be sent to you by the system.
  6. You can then restart your device and start installing the update again.

Repair the system and fix error 0x80070490

If the first solution does not work, then you need to use your administrator rights to fix error 0x80070490. To do this, you can do the following:

  1. Start by using the keyboard shortcut [Windows] + [R] to open the “Run” window.
  2. Enter the “cmd” command in the input line.
  3. Right-click on the “Command Prompt” item, then click “Run as administrator”.
  4. Then enter the following command in the console, and validate your entry using the key [Entrée] :
  1. An analysis of your entire system is then launched. Please note, this process may take a few moments. As soon as the verification is completed, you will of course be informed. During this time, defective files are also repaired automatically.
  2. Once the scan is complete, open your Settings again and go to the “Update & Security” section (this one is located relatively low down in the list).
  3. Then click on “Check for updates”. The corresponding files should now be installed, without error 0x80070490 appearing.

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