Digital Communication


Digital Communication

XaaS: the concept of “Anything-as-a-Service”


The use of XaaS can also be marred by disadvantages, in particular in the field of security and data protection. The operation of XaaS solutions requires the transmission of data to third-party companies, which can compromise the security of this data. In addition, companies specializing in XaaS are often located outside the European Union, and are therefore not subject to the privacy guidelines in force since the advent of the GDPR. This requires a detailed examination of the service providers in question. Moreover, the probability hacking attacks increases as organizations collaborate with each other, as sensitive data is processed by multiple companies.

Another disadvantage of using XaaS solutions is the risk of breakdowns of the services concerned. In such cases, the customer must rely on the Anything-as-a-Service company and cannot work to resolve the problem themselves.

Users of XaaS services may also face hidden costs. To avoid this, it is important to study the contracts with XaaS companies to detect such financial pitfalls.

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