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WordPress slider: overview of the seven best slider plugins


There are a large number of plugins for WordPress intended for simplify the creation of sliders.

the operation and use plugins for creating sliders in WordPress differ between publishers. These WordPress plugins must be easy to use, especially for beginners, in order to get results in just a few clicks. A simple integration of the plugin is just as useful for this purpose as setting up the contents by drag and drop.

It is especially important that the WordPress slider is compatible with the most common WordPress themes and other plugins frequently used with the CMS. Of the regular updates must also guarantee that the slider is adapted to the new features of these themes.

Due to their size, images also have a big impact on the loading speed of a website and therefore on its ranking in search engines. This is why WordPress slider plugins should provide additional options to be able to reduce the size of image files. This helps to ensure pages load quickly and get a positive rating from search engines. The slider plugins featured here offer search engine optimization options. Additionally, there are other ways to make WordPress faster.

A WordPress slider must also be responsive. This ensures that embedded content such as photos and text are automatically scaled, regardless of the device used. There are plugins that automatically remove sliders, for example when viewing on a mobile device, so that content is presented statically. This helps to focus readers’ attention on the essentials.

A slider can be adapted to the level of the design in order to integrate optimally into an existing website. WordPress slider plugins that offer a library of design elements and allow editing of images (for example, cropping them directly in the slider) are a great help. This process facilitates the creation of slideshows and makes photo editing programs obsolete.

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