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Creating a members area on your WordPress site can have many advantages. However, the cost and different functions of the plugins may influence your choice. Here is a short presentation of the best WordPress members area plugins.

What is a members area on WordPress?

Creating a member area on WordPress can help you earn money, but also build customer loyalty. In this space, you can offer a high-quality content, create a close-knit community and stay in touch with your visitors. In addition, blocking certain content allows you to generate a constant source of income. There are also members area plugins for WordPress that allow you to easily partition your website and manage your members. We present some useful tools and explain how to create a members area on WordPress.

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What are the different types of members areas available on WordPress?

Even with WordPress, not all members areas are equal. Each plugin covers specific needs or suitable for a main area. If you are considering creating a members area for your WordPress site, you must first think about the added value you want to offer your users. The following models are the most common:

  • Exclusive content: this type of space is recommended if you want, for example, to place articles or images behind a paywall. You can make the teasers visible to everyone and then unlock the long form against payment. Likewise, if you create an online store with WordPress, you can reserve specific items for members.
  • Course template : it is particularly interesting for online courses. You can explain what awaits participants on your website, then offer the course and the different materials such as videos, documents or questionnaires in the members area of ​​your WordPress site.
  • Community : this model not only allows you to create an additional source of income, but also to retain your visitors. While part of your website is freely accessible, comments, forums and even live chats are only available to paying members.
  • Happy dripping : with this model, you upload exclusive content as you go. For courses, this can be done based on the progress made by subscribers. You can also add certain content (bonus) every month.
  • Time-limited subscriptions : You can also install the appropriate WordPress members area plugin for courses or activities that are only available for a limited period. This model is suitable, for example, when a program only lasts a few weeks or months. During this period, content is paid for, but there are no other obligations for users.
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What are the requirements to create a member area on WordPress?

Before adding a members area on WordPress, there are certain things you need to take into account. Not only will you have to produce quality content in large quantities, but you will also have to take care of the technical part. For this you will need suitable accommodation. A member area is very resource intensive, which is why it is better to invest in a good hosting system. A Managed WordPress solution is recommended. Plugins suitable for lead generation are also recommended to ensure the success of your WordPress site.

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What functions should a WordPress members area plugin offer?

The features offered by the WordPress members area plugin depend in part on your expectations. However, the following features are generally recommended for each model:

  • Intuitive management of profiles and members
  • API access for developers
  • Social media connections
  • Templates for course structure, vouchers or promotions
  • Different subscription models
  • Different WordPress themes
  • Different payment options
  • Email marketing

Overview of the 5 best WordPress members area plugins

WordPress members area plugin Annual price
LearnDash From $159
WooCommerce-Memberships From $199
MemberPress From $149
WP Members Free (owner plan from $59)
Teachable Free (premium plan from $348)

Data update: December 2022

WordPress members area: the best plugins in detail

There are countless WordPress plugins that allow you to create a members area. The following tools are highly recommended.


Screenshot of LearnDash website
LearnDash is a complete solution for online courses.

LearnDash East specialized in the creation and distribution of online courses. The range of functions is very extensive and meets almost every need. Thanks to this WordPress members area plugin, you can set up suitable events or programs and keep an eye on users. Due to its relatively high price, this tool is especially suitable if you offer several regular courses and the costs are covered.

Benefits Disadvantages
✓ Optimal solution for courses with templates and other supports ✘ Relatively high cost
✓ Quiz feature ✘ Installation requires some prior knowledge
✓ Large forum area
✓ Ability to directly use and edit certificates

WooCommerce Memberships

Screenshot of WooCommerce Memberships
There is also a reliable solution for creating your member area from the market leader.

Although there are a few alternatives to WooCommerce, this e-commerce solution remains the market leader. The WordPress plugin WooCommerce Memberships is an effective solution if you want to reserve certain parts of your site for a restricted circle. The plugin makes it possible to offer without problem promotions, blocked items and partial restriction within the subpages. However, its price remains high.

Benefits Disadvantages
✓ Many features ✘ Relatively high cost
✓ Excellent support ✘ No add-ons available
✓ Targeted customizations
✓ Good readability


Screenshot of MemberPress website
MemberPress offers many functions for your members area.

MemberPress is a very rich and complete WordPress members area plugin. The tool is intuitive and offers many additional functions which make your members area even more attractive. These include sophisticated access control, numerous payment options, good integration with email marketing programs and numerous add-ons available.

Benefits Disadvantages
✓ Many functions ✘ Relatively high cost
✓ Good integration
✓ Numerous payment options
✓ Many extensions


WordPress screenshot
WP-Members is an advantageous alternative that offers many customization possibilities.

WP-Members takes another approach: the WordPress members area plugin is completely free. Only support and any add-ons are chargeable. The tool has a significantly reduced range, but can be adapted optimally and inexpensively.

Benefits Disadvantages
✓ Free ✘ Low delivery volume
✓ Possibility of customization ✘ Reduced support with the free plan
✓ Very flexible
✓ Numerous API functions


Screenshot of the Teachable website
Teachable is a user-friendly solution for online courses.

Do you want to offer online courses on your website? Teachable is definitely one of the best solutions. The pricing system offers a model adapted to each offer and theintuitive creation tool is also very versatile. From creating a course to invoicing and managing it, everything is offered with this tool.

Benefits Disadvantages
✓ Flexible pricing ✘ Some adaptations are only possible with programming knowledge
✓ Ease of use
✓ Intuitive builder
✓ Powerful design

With a suitable strategy, a member area on WordPress allows you to promote your site, build customer loyalty and generate new income. However, as many tools are relatively expensive, it is advisable to carry out a precise analysis of costs and benefits beforehand.

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