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Digital Communication

What programming language to learn?


From a purely statistical point of view, it is above all the classic programming languages ​​such as Java, JavaScript, Python, C++ and C what employers are looking for. This results in strong competition between development specialists. The demand for a programming language also depends on its degree of specialization or frequency. While functional programming, for example, is less widespread, it offers many advantages to companies due to its functions for concrete data processing, business logic, AI, compilers, parsers as well as algorithms. ‘application.

Alongside general-purpose standard programming languages, the Clojure functional programming language is particularly sought after in large companies, and therefore also well paid. As a Lisp dialect, Clojure offers a functional and readable coding style even for complex algorithms. It runs in the Java Virtual Machine and integrates into the Java Runtime environment. By its dynamic design, Clojure’s interaction with Java remains flexible. This language is particularly in demand in the finance, retail, analytics, and advertising industries. Scala, a powerful alternative to Java, is also a popular language for back-end development.

The PYPL Benchmark also provides insight into the popularity of programming languages. This index shows how often people search for a programming language or programming language tutorials on Google. In 2021, Python held the top spot with 30.32%, followed closely by Java, JavaScript, and C languages ​​like C# and C/C++.

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