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What is the most secure Cloud? Our comparison


The most secure Cloud solutions are distinguished above all by a server site within the EU, because they are subject to the strict data protection guidelines of the GDPR. The top 3 most secure cloud storage includes IONOS HiDrive, Leviia and pCloud.

IONOS MyDefender

Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Protect all your devices from ransomware, viruses and data loss with intelligent scanning tools and automatic backups.

Overview of the 3 most secure Cloud storage

Cloud Storage Security Server location Features
IONOS HiDrive ISO-27001 certified, two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption in Pro pricing Germany App, Git connection, automatic synchronization, teamwork facilitation
Leviia ISO-27001 & HDS certified, AES-512 LUKS encryption, two-factor authentication France Configurable storage capacity, anti-DDoS and anti-ransomware protections
pCloud TLS/SSL encryption, client-side encryption European Union, notably Luxembourg Ability to add password protection, free basic version

Updated: February 2024


IONOS HiDrive Cloud storage is a secure online storage which provides flexible access to your data. In addition to a smartphone app, direct use of Git is supported.

This German cloud solution is also an excellent choice when it comes to security: ISO-27001 certified server sites in Germany ensure that your personal data is protected according to German data protection standards. Thanks to two-factor authentication, the connection is particularly secure. The Pro pricing also includes end-to-end encryption so you can easily encrypt your data.

HiDrive online storage

With HiDrive, your files are securely backed up in the Cloud based in Europe and can be accessed from any device!

24/7 support

Shared access



French Leviia is one of the most secure online storages thanks to its ISO 27001 and HDS certified servers located in France. Your data is therefore protected according to current French standards. In the Pro solution, data is protected with AES-512 LUKS encryption, used within many government companies, an additional guarantee of security. Finally, Leviia has anti-DDoS and anti-ransomware protections, a cybersecurity asset that should not be overlooked.

Another advantage of Leviia is its flexibility: in fact, subscriptions are not fixed but adaptable. So you can choose for yourself how much storage space you need.


pCloud is a Swiss solution with security standards that match European standards. You can choose between servers located in the United States or Luxembourg. If you choose the latter, you ensure that data protection complies with the GDPR. What's more, its TLS/SSL encryption ensures that your data is secure.

The basic version is free and allows you to have 10 GB of storage space. Otherwise, you can opt for an annual subscription or a “lifetime” version with a single payment. For added security, an interesting option offered by pCloud is the pCloud Encryption service, which allows you to protect your data with a password. This, however, is chargeable.

Having a secure Cloud, why is it important?

Many users entrust their personal data to a Cloud. Among these are generally data sensitive such as private photos or documents that should not fall into the hands of third parties. But this is precisely what poses a problem for many Cloud providers. Downloaded data, often unencrypted, can be victims of hacker attacks in the Cloud. In addition, it is difficult to know what happens to our data in data centers outside the EU: this is why it is always preferable to favor a provider whose servers are located in Europe.

In the context of a business, security vulnerabilities in Cloud storage can quickly become problematic, especially when it is used to store customer databases. High security is then more than necessary to avoid any data leaks on the Internet.

Overview of Cloud Security Vulnerabilities

The security of your data does not only depend on using a Cloud service securely, but also on Cloud service provider you choose. Some providers, particularly across the Atlantic, may lack transparency on the subject of data protection.

Data storage in non-EU third countries

The most common security risk of different cloud computing providers known as Dropbox or Google Drive is related to theserver location. If these are located outside France or even the European Union, neither French nor European data protection law is applied. The EU-US Privacy Shield between the European Union and the United States has also been declared invalid. This situation can be extremely problematic, especially for businesses. Indeed, when personal data of third parties, that is to say customer data for example, are no longer subject to French standards on data protection, certain abuses or offenses may take place.

Data encryption

In most cases, it is impossible to know how or if most cloud providers encrypt your data within the cloud. Only a few secure cloud service providers offer encryption from start to finish in a very competitive market. If your data is not encrypted, it can be an easy target for hackers. It may therefore be interesting to encrypt your data yourself and only upload them to the Cloud in this state.

What are the particularities of secure Cloud storage?

The most secure online storages have servers located in France or within the European Union. Indeed, all data downloaded into the Cloud is then subject to French data protection legislation and/or the GDPR. A certification ISO-27001 can guarantee that high security in the data center is respected and that your data is thus best protected against attacks.

Some providers offer two-factor authentication so that to access the Cloud you need, in addition to a password, a randomly generated code. This helps increase the security of the login process. For particularly high security of your data, some Cloud providers offer a end-to-end encryption. This is effective protection, especially against external attacks: hackers must then not only bypass the data center's protection mechanisms, but also decrypt your data, which would represent an immense amount of work.

Private Cloud: the most secure Cloud solution

A private cloud offers particularly high protection against all security risks. This not only has the advantage of allowing you to be the only one to have access to your data and manage it. The risk of external attacks is also minimal compared to traditional cloud services, as an attack on a cloud solution used by thousands of users is much more cost-effective.

For businesses in particular, private cloud storage is the most secure cloud storage available. Thanks to configurable firewall management, security settings within the Cloud can be best adapted to business needs.

If you're considering a private cloud solution, it's worth taking a look IONOS Private Cloud. You can adapt the Cloud to your needs and configure the processor power and storage individually.

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