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Digital Communication

What is a favicon: definition and examples


A favicon is proof that even a small icon can have a big impact. Typically, it appears on the left side of the browser tab. These icons allow you to keep a good overview, even when several websites are open at the same time. They come in the form of a simple logo so that they can be easily and clearly attributed to websites. By definition, the favicon is therefore a kind of landmark making it possible to improve the visibility of a website.

The appearance of the favicon depends on how the website or brand is presented. As the symbol itself is only a few pixels in size, sophisticated and detailed logos often cannot be represented correctly. In this case, it is recommended to simplify the logo.

A favicon is sometimes also called a “favoricon”, a term coming from the contraction of “favorite” and “icon”. The meaning can therefore already be guessed from its name: it is an “icon for favorites”. These small images appear not only in browser tabs, but also in bookmarks, where one saves one’s favorite websites. There are also favicons as app icons, in search menus, or in browsing history.

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