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Digital Communication

What are the criteria for a successful landing page?


Quality content will not be of much help to you if mediation is not effective. With landing pages, in the same way as for websites, a user-friendliness Optimal usability is recommended. The user must quickly have an overview of the offer and navigate easily on the landing page. The structure and design of the landing page must inform the visitor directly. If the structure is too complex or the navigation lacks fluidity, visitors quickly become bored and the rebound rate (“bounce rate”) is higher. If visitors leave the site quickly and the visit time is short, this is not only a handicap for the conversion rate and leads, but it also has a negative impact on your SEO among search engine results. This is why the main information must be placed judiciously and concisely, in several homogeneous blocks of text.

A successful landing page is not an abstract work: it includes clear, meaningful and targeted content. The layout, from a visual point of view, should be clean and match the product or service. From the point of view of color choice, the design must match the content and highlight it. It is preferable to choose nuanced colors, which go well with each other and above all conform to the Corporate Identity (CI) of the offer. If the brand identity (CI) is more “corporate” for example (grey, navy blue, etc.), it is still necessary to ensure that the colors of the landing page are not too bland. If you decide on a landing page that is meant to be dynamic, creative and youthful, be careful that it remains structured and does not give a chaotic overview, which could confuse the visitor.

The style of the initial advertisement (for example of an advertisement) must be able to be found in the tone of colors, the typography and the choice of images of the landing page. For mobile optimization, landing pages have a responsive design Or adaptive for smartphones and tablets. This ensures that content is also displayed conveniently on mobile devices and navigation is smooth regardless of the medium used. The other advantage of such optimization is that it improves search engine rankings.

The use of empty spaces (“whitespaces”, or literally: white spaces) so that the text can “breathe” is also recommended. Depending on the amount of information to be provided, it may be appropriate to place all the main information at the beginning, so that the visitor does not have to scroll down the page. A successful landing page follows a precise diagramit is compact and gives a clear overview of the content and the offer:

  • First look: logo, title, introduction, representative image
  • Description of the product or service: main information, USPs (acronym for “Unique Selling Proposition” or key selling point), price, advantages, operation
  • Call to Action: which encourages visitors to take an action, with a button, text and/or an image
  • References: quality certificates, certificates of trust, positive reviews from customers or business partners

A clean landing page also allows visitors to have a shorter loading time. This is why you should avoid too much unnecessary data, high definition images or unnecessary plugins and functions. There landing page performance is essential and this effort must be supported by carrying out data analyzesof the A/B Testing and detecting the bugs. Only when you know what drives visitors to leave your landing page can you optimize it effectively.

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