Digital Communication


Digital Communication

V Rising Server: How to Host Your Own Dedicated Server


If you purchased V Rising, you can theoretically launch a multiplayer session directly from the game and run it on your own device. In this case, however, your hardware and internet connection are decisive for the stability and performance of the V Rising server, especially if you also want to participate in the game. In addition, the server only works when you are online.

For an optimal gaming experience, it is therefore recommended to use a professional host. At IONOS, for example, you have the choice between three server models following:

With a dedicated serveryou opt for maximum performance: you have access to enterprise equipment with strong single-core power which is available only to you. However, only the power you use is billed.

The powerful virtual servers (VPS) and the cloud servers of IONOS work on the contrary with virtualized resources. Customers share them among themselves, but this does not affect the service. If you opt for a VPS, you pay a fixed monthly price. In the case of a Cloud server, whose power can be adapted at any time according to your needs, the resources used are billed per minute.

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