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Digital Communication

Using WordPress with GitHub: This is how the software works


But why is a version control like GitHub useful for WordPress? It is precisely the versatility of the CMS that makes such software the safest method to approach changes, ensure their feasibility and then actually make the change. WordPress itself certainly has its own version control system, but this only concerns contributions. If you create a contribution and you are not satisfied with the current version, you have the possibility to restore an older version. In other areas, however, the CMS does not offer this option, which is why changes may lead to big problems.

If using GitHub with WordPress, plugins or new themes and their compatibility are thoroughly tested first, while the website remains intact. When all eventualities have been verified and all sources of error have been eliminated, changes are also made to the live website. In the meantime, GitHub for WordPress records every work step. If a configuration does not work, it is always possible to return to a previous state and continue working from there. The website will not be affected. Even if several developers are working on a website, it is easier to use because all changes are seamlessly grouped.

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