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Digital Communication

Use tmux for Linux, Windows and Ubuntu


Here are the steps to install and use tmux:

Step 1 : install terminal multiplexer from official linux package sources with package install command apt-get install tmux

On Debian or Ubuntu, use the “sudo” add-in: sudo apt-get install tmux

2nd step : run tmux by typing “tmux” in the terminal. On startup, a status is displayed at the bottom with hostname (username@host-server), time and date. At the bottom left, the session name (if any) and number of windows are displayed in the following format ” [0] 0:bash*”. The first window has the designation “0”. If a process is running in the window, it is displayed after the 0 (eg “0:bash*”).

Step 3: use tmux with command lines or keyboard shortcuts. Enter each command or keyboard shortcut by [Ctrl] + [B] (or by [Ctrl] + [B] + [:] when configuring the panels).

Step 4: start a new named session using the “tmux new -s” command. After “-s”, enter the desired name for the session. If you want to start a session without a session name, just type “tmux”.

Step 5: to end a session, type the command “exit” or use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + [D].

Step 6: to open a new window in the session, press [C]. To start a new second session parallel to the first, use again the command “tmux new -s [nom_session] “. The status indicator at the bottom shows which session you are in.

Step 7: to divide a window into panels (or window areas), press [%] for vertical separator or on [“] for a horizontal separator. Then navigate between the panels using the arrows.

Step 8: to disconnect from a session without stopping running processes, use the “tmux detach” command. The session as well as the running processes continue to run in the background. To resume the session, reconnect using the “tmux attach” command.

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