Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Ubuntu SSH: protecting your connections


If you want to remotely and securely access your own computer or server, you can’t skip SSH (Secure ShEll). Thanks to three main pillars, this security procedure governs any remote access:

  • L’authentication the remote workstation, so that the wrong party (client or server) is never contacted;
  • the data transfer encryptionso that the information is never viewed by unauthorized persons;
  • The guarantee of data integrityin order to make inviolable all the data communicated.

Linux distributions like Ubuntu have relied for several years on an open source software suite, OpenSSH, to take advantage of the benefits of SSH and securely transfer files via SCP or SFTP.

OpenSSH tools are disabled by default when you are installing Ubuntu for the first time ; start by activating this service. Discover with us how it works and the different configuration options available to you after activating the Ubuntu SSH server.

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