Digital Communication


Digital Communication

The Forest Dedicated Server: create a dedicated server


Here are the categories of servers offered by IONOS for hosting a The Forest server:

  • Cloud server: virtualized server resources; billing per minute
  • VPS: virtualized server resources; monthly fixed price
  • Dedicated Server: Dedicated enterprise hardware; billing per minute

In principle, you therefore have the choice between virtualized server resourceswhich you share with other people, and dedicated hardware that IONOS reserves only for you. Whichever option you choose, you are sure to have the performance capacities to which you have subscribed at all times.

One of the main differences between a cloud server and a VPS is the billing method : with a cloud server, you only pay for the resources you have actually used. People who opt for a VPS still pay a fixed monthly price.

The price of dedicated servers, with per-minute billing, is in principle higher than that of VPS and cloud servers, because the latter rely very specifically on high-performance company hardware.

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