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Terminate Google Workspace: cancel your subscription


Terminating a Google Workspace account, free or paid, only takes a few steps. If you want to completely delete your Google account, remember that all associated data will be lost. If you just want to cancel a subscription, admins can do that in the admin console.

Until 2022, Google Workspace was still known as G Suite. Google has completely transformed G Suite into Google Workspace from the end of June 2022. For private users, common services such as Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, YouTube and Meet are now available for free in Google Workspace.

Businesses that previously had a paid G Suite subscription for one or more users are now using the paid version of Workspace. As for individual companies, they use Google Workspace Individual. Currently, Google offers four paid models as part of Workspace features: Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise. These differ in price, scope of functions and storage space as well as conferencing tools and security and management functions (Update: November 2022).

Terminate Google Workspace: step by step

If you want to cancel your Workspace subscription or delete your entire Google and Gmail account, just follow these simple steps. Note however that the deletion of a Google account results in the loss of all data relating to your contacts, chats, saved documents, files as well as the associated YouTube accounts. On the other hand, during a terminationonly user accounts and data associated with Google Workspace as well as groups and organizational units are deleted.

If you mistakenly delete the wrong Google Workspace account or change your mind, it is possible to recover your Google account, including administrator accounts. This option is available on a period of up to 20 days after deletion.

To cancel your Google Workspace subscription or delete your Google Workspace account, follow these steps:

Terminate Google Workspace

If you are a sole proprietorship or a company with multiple Workspace users, you can cancel your subscription directly through the Google admin console.

**Step 1**: Log in with your user data on the Google Workspace admin console.

**Step 2**: Go to the “Billing” menu and then select ” Subscriptions “.

Overview of used subscriptions in the Google Workspace admin console
Select the subscription you want to cancel.

**Step 3**: First select the relevant Workspace subscription (if there is more than one) and go to “More”. Then click on ” unsubscribe », choose a reason for termination and confirm your choice by clicking on « Next ».

Subscription selected with button confirming subscription cancellation
By clicking on the “Cancel subscription” button, you terminate your subscription.

**Step 4**: select again “ unsubscribe and confirm your decision by re-entering your Google address.

**Step 5 **: you will then receive a cancellation confirmation by email. This takes a maximum of 84 days.

Delete Google Workspace and your Google Account

If you no longer want to use Google services and switch to a Workspace alternative, it’s not just about canceling the subscription, but deleting the entire Google account. The same applies if, as a private user, you no longer need the services included in Workspace, such as Gmail, Docs or Meet.

Follow the instructions below to delete your Google account:

**Step 1**: Log in to your google account with your access data.

**Step 2**: go to the section “ Data and Privacy “.

**Step 3**: Scroll down to “Data from apps and services you use” and go to “ Delete your Google account under “More options”.

**Step 4**: Now follow the steps given by Google for account deletion, agree to the terms and confirm by clicking “ Delete your account “.

Is there a notice period for Google Workspace?

You can cancel a Google Workspace subscription at any time. The effective date depends on the billing period chosen. Depending on the option chosen, billing ends after the current month for the “modular flat rate” or after the deduction of the amount due for the “annual/fixed flat rate”.

Google Workspace also gives you a 14 day trial period. If you want to prevent it from turning into a paid subscription, you don’t have to do anything else. Upgrading to a paid Workspace subscription only happens if you confirm your domain for Workspace or set up billing for Google Workspace within 14 days.

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Are there any implications for other Google services?

Terminating or deleting your Workspace account directly impacts the data and apps you use that are stored in Google. So you will lose access to services such as Gmail, Calendar, Meet and Docs. Similarly, deletion results in the loss of files, attachments, user rights, and shares stored in Drive or Gmail.

Unlike deleting a Google Account, services such as YouTube or Photos are still available after termination. THE user accounts, organizational units and groups associated with the Workspace account are lost, but can be reactivated within 51 days of termination.

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What are the alternatives to Google Workspace?

When it comes to teamwork, Google Workspace is one of the most convenient services for cloud collaboration. However, if you don’t need Google Workspace, you can opt for other collaboration tools or groupware providers like Microsoft’s Exchange Server. You can also set up your own mail server.

Microsoft 365 and alternatives to Microsoft 365 also prove to be sensible solutions for messaging, office automation and collaboration tools. Here you will find an article comparing Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Other important competitors of Workspace are Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Teams or Dropbox Business.

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