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Sources of inspiration for creative web design


The design of your website should reflect your individuality. However, you should not hesitate to take a look at the different Web design inspirations. This will allow you to get an idea of ​​current trends and discover new web design ideas.

Web design: 7 sources of inspiration presented in detail

Creative ideas don’t always arise simply and directly. But sometimes, just clicking on the right website among the many pages dedicated to web design can help spark a creative process. We present to you the best sources of inspiration for web design trends and homepage ideas.

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Screenshot of the Dribbble website
Dribbble provides a framework for creative exchange between web designers, graphic designers, illustrators and typographers from around the world. / Source:

Communities promote creative emulation: on Dribbble, Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators and typographers from around the world come together to share their projects and present their results. This social network for creative minds offers the ability to share screenshots of your own work with the rest of the community every month.


The Dribbble website can be seen as a social network dedicated to design. The website not only offers you a variety of website design inspirations, other categories also include product design, app design, animations or even typography. Thus, the platform constitutes the ideal basis for developing design ideas of all kinds. Dribbble offers interested parties a free basic subscription, allowing them to view, save and evaluate the different projects.


At Dribbble, registration is required to review designs. If you are looking for very specific web design ideas, the limited filter options are bound to cause problems. Except for design color and specific tags, you cannot configure Dribbble search criteria. It should also be noted that it is sometimes difficult to assess the quality of designs: designs that use animations or other eye-catching techniques are on average more popular than simple site ideas and web design inspiration. and sober, but of high quality.


Screenshot of the Behance website
Artists present their works to the public in the Adobe Behance online portfolio. / Source:

Moreover, Behance is a creative network worldwide used for the publication of graphic works. The Internet platform was acquired by Adobe in 2012 and integrated into the company’s Creative Cloud. Subscribers to the Adobe service automatically have access to basic Behance features.


The Internet platform acquired by Adobe offers photographers, graphic artists and designers the opportunity to share their work with the public. A positive aspect to highlight is the filter function from Behance, which offers people looking for inspiration different search criteria such as the tools used or the geographic area where the design comes from. By scrolling through the different creative fields, you can see a variety of sources of web design inspiration, even without registering.


Behance is closely linked to the Adobe world and therefore mainly suitable for people who use Adobe programs such as Photoshop. Other than that, Behance doesn’t have any significant drawbacks, making it an ideal platform if you’re looking for site ideas and web design inspiration.


Screenshot of the Awwwards website
On, creatives from the world of Web design join a community to exchange ideas and have their own works evaluated by a jury. / Source:

Awwwards claims the vocation of being a online meeting place for the web-savvy creative sector. The portal provides a space for designers to share knowledge and experience, lead discussions or find inspiration. Once a day, Awwwards selects the “site of the day” and presents it on the home page. The winners will also be featured in the directory featuring “the world’s 365 best websites.” Website owners can get inspiration for designing their own homepage by clicking through the winners’ gallery.


At Awwwards, web designers, developers and creative agencies have the opportunity to submit projects online and have them evaluated by a professional jury. The winning websites can be viewed on the platform and visited from there. When looking for website design inspiration, this allows you to get an overview of award-winning homepages and you can convince yourself directly of how user-friendly they are.


There are no real downsides to Awwwards. We can possibly only mention here the web design of the award-winning homepages which may appear in some cases too complex and overloaded.

Home page of the “Favorite Website Awards” website
The Favorite Website Awards (FWA) presents the best website every day. / Source:

The abbreviation FWA stands for “Favorite Website Awards”, which corresponds to an established awards program in the industry, and which has been aimed at web designers since May 2000. Analogous to Awwwards, FWA presents a “site of the day” (SOTD) on a daily basis. In addition, a “Site of the month” (SOTM) is also selected monthly. The winners participate in the competition People’s Choice Award (PCA) at the end of the year.


FWA is ideal if you are looking for original website design inspiration that stands out from the crowd. Although the designs are sometimes very whimsical, you can be sure that a perfect user experience is ensured thanks to user experience design.


The Favorite Website Awards homepage is very heavily focused on showcasing a few designs in detail. It is therefore less dedicated to obtaining a general overview and above all fast various sources of design inspiration and current trends.

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CSS Design Awards

CSS Design Awards Homepage
The site rewards the best works in terms of design, functionality and usability. / Source:

The online platform CSS Design Awards also elects a “ site of the day ”, as well as monthly and annual winners. The evaluation criteria focus on the originality of the creation, the functional core and the user experience associated with the content through the categories “Creative Design”, “Core & Function” and “UX & Content”.


The CSS Design Awards website offers useful filtering features to researchers: award winners and nominees can be filtered by color, characteristic and field of activity. Additionally, the website features articles on key topics around web design and links to freely available resources, helping those interested in improving their own web design skills.


Like the Favorite Website Awards homepage, the CSS Design Awards website focuses on the detailed presentation of some website design ideas. Here too, interested people cannot quickly get an idea of ​​current trends and concrete inspirations in web design.

One Page Love

One page Love website
One Page Love offers the perfect platform for one-page site designers with supporting design examples, contributions and tutorials. / Source:

Website operators who no longer place as much importance on subpages and want to organize their content on a single page will find the necessary sources of inspiration on the pages of One Page Love. The platform is destined to become the exclusive showcase of one-page websitestemplates and resources.


One page Love, as its name suggests, is there source of inspiration for the design of one-page websites. It offers visitors more than 8,000 examples of current web design trends such as human-centered design or user-centered design. So, if you are looking for website design inspiration for your single page app, One Page Love is the perfect platform for you. Another strong point: the site offers visitors a collection of resources with articles, icon sets, templates and tutorials.


Even if you don’t want to use a Single Page Application, One Page Love can give you ideas for your site and inspiration for your Web design.

Design Bombs

Design Bombs Homepage
Design Bombs is the perfect platform to get started with templates, web design inspiration and tutorials. / Source:

At the house of Design Bombs, visitors are not only offered inspiration on the site dedicated to Web design. The Design Bombs platform also offers a number of articles and web design tutorials. If you want to expand your coding knowledge, various resources are also provided for this purpose.


Design Bombs not only provides inspiration around web design, but also offers templates that can be used. Due to multitude of resources, the platform is also ideal for developing your own knowledge or for learning the most important basics of Web design. For example, you can use the different tutorials to quickly create the perfect style guide for your website.


Design Bombs is not a conventionally inspired site that rewards the most innovative web design ideas or connects creative minds. Rather, it is dedicated to providing a collection of resources and ideas. Therefore, the templates presented at Design Bombs are rather sober and do not push the limits of what is possible in terms of Web design.

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