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Selling your creations on Etsy: tips and tricks


The Etsy website, specialized in e-commerce, allows you to sell creative products online. Discover with us how to use the Etsy Shop Manager to sell well.


What products sell well on Etsy?

Once your Etsy store is open, you can start expanding your product line. You have the choice between the following product categories:

  • Handmade items : handcrafted items.
  • Vintage products : products at least 20 years old.
  • Creative supplies : tools, materials and other supplies useful in the creation of products.

For the first category, it is important to clarify that handmade items do not necessarily have to be items that you created yourself. That’s because you can also sell products made by someone other than you with Etsy. However, the design of these products must be yours, and you must indicate the name of your production partner. However, most sellers on Etsy use the platform to sell their own creations.

Do you want to create your own online store? IONOS offers you various very simple functionalities for creating, managing and promoting your store. In particular, you can benefit from a mobile application and an integrated shipping assistant.

What products cannot be sold on Etsy?

In addition to falling into one of the above categories, the items you offer in your Etsy store must meet the website rules. You cannot sell on Etsy:

  • Services and rentals (metaphysical)
  • Articles that infringe intellectual property rights
  • Handmade items that you did not create or design yourself and that you resell

Additionally, the Etsy site lists a large number of items that are prohibited for sale. This list includes products containing alcohol or drugs, or even dangerous objects such as weapons. We recommend that you take the time to read the “Regulations regarding prohibited items” before you start selling on Etsy.

Selling your own creations on Etsy: what’s the point?

By choosing this sales platform, and therefore by becoming a seller on Etsy, you can benefit from many advantages. Thanks to his international approach, this site can help you find customers all over the world. Of all the online sales platforms, Etsy is among the most visited by people looking for creative and even unique products. Furthermore, it is very easy to understand how to create your Etsy store, and the online costs are only $0.20 per item.

However, Etsy has some disadvantages that should also be taken into account. Given the popularity of the site, many online stores operate there every day. competition. To sell your creations on Etsy, it is therefore essential that you know how to stand out. THE very limited product categories also constitute an additional disadvantage. If you want to sell products that aren’t handmade, vintage, or creative, your business has no place on Etsy. Etsy also reserves the right to block your account in the event of, for example, late payment.

Benefits Disadvantages
✔ International and popular site ✘ Strong competition
✔ Ideal platform for selling handmade and creative products ✘ Limited number of product categories
✔ Ease of creating and managing a store ✘ Possibility of sudden blocking of the Etsy account in the event of non-compliance with the rules
✔ Small fee to pay per article posted online

There are different strategies available to you to promote your online business. IONOS can help you with practical tools such as List Local and rankingCoach.

Selling an Item on Etsy: Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Preliminary work and creating an Etsy account

Before you start selling your products on Etsy, you must complete different tasks concerning in particular the registration of your company and the selection of your social security scheme. We also advise you to draw up a business plan. Finally, it is of course appropriate to create an Etsy account.

Step 2: Creating an Etsy Store and Product Line

There are six steps you need to follow to create your store, and Etsy walks you through each one. In this step you need to add at least one article to your range. The posting fee is $0.20 per article. You can publish photos of your items, create product sheets, set your prices, and much more. When all of this is done, your Etsy store can open. The Shop Manager lets you keep an eye on your sales, stats, and more.

Step 3: Improve Product Visibility on Etsy

If you want to attract customers’ attention to your products, give them relevant names and relatively short. It is also essential to choose tags appropriate for your products ; you can set up to 13 per item. Try to think carefully about what keywords potential customers are searching for. Etsy also recommends that you opt for long tail keywordsbut advises you not to repeat them.

Step 4: Increase sales prospects through social media

Advertising is essential if you want to accelerate sales on your Etsy store. You can link this to your Facebook account and/or your Twitter account, and use it to connect with other sellers in the Etsy community. To do this, you can also choose to join a team Etsy.

Step 5: Immediate shipping after an item is sold

Once you’ve sold one of your creations on Etsy, you need to ship it as quickly as possible. We advise you to choose sturdy, appropriately sized packaging in relation to the item, protect it using bubble wrap and pad the packaging. If your products are particularly fragile, you must pack them with great care. It is also possible to affix a warning label to this effect on your packaging. In terms of costs, you are responsible for paying the shipping label and transaction fees.

Step 6: Earning income through product sales

Finally, you receive the money from your sales according to the payment method defined when you created your store. If you chose Etsy Payments, your customers can use different payment methods, including PayPal or Apple Pay. On Etsy, you can consult the schedule of your transfers and decide when payment should be made.

Integrate a social media buy button into your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, etc., to improve the visibility of your online store and, at the same time, your turnover.

Etsy marketplace alternatives

While Etsy is one of the most popular websites for selling art and other handmade items online, it’s not your only option. There are indeed many alternatives to Etsy, including Storenvy and Amazon Handmade. You also have the possibility of selling your products through social networks. Instagram and Pinterest are among the leading social media platforms in this regard.

You can also decide to create your own website, with its online store. This means you are not tied to any platform, as is the case with Etsy. Here is our advice on the matter:

Step 1 : before creating your online store, think carefully about the name you want to give it.

2nd step : then find a suitable domain name to your store. Please note: this must be attractive and, if possible, easy to remember. This will improve the visibility of your store when it is online.

Step 3 : you have laid the foundations of your online store; you must now design. To do this, complete your product range and customize the appearance of your online store. We also recommend creating a logo.

Step 4 : is your store ready? Now you need to make it known. Try your hand at online marketing using your social media accounts. Don’t hesitate to run contests or special promotions to draw more attention to your store.

In just a few steps, IONOS customers can connect their domain to Etsy. To do this, log in to your Control Center, select your domain, and associate it with your Etsy store.

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