Digital Communication


Digital Communication

Raspberry Pi Pico projects: 12 application areas for the microcontroller


the LoRaWAN network protocol allows data to be transmitted over long distances (up to 15km) saving resources. However, the transmission rate is only in the order of a byte and you have to be in a LoRaWAN network. But thanks to a globally active community, this presents few problems.

If you want to set up a LoRaWAN support for your Raspberry Pi Picoyou’re in luck: Sandeep Mistry, the author of the Arduino LoRa library, has added support for the Raspberry Pi Pico. To make your microcontroller compatible with LoRaWAN, you first need a LoRa radio module that you can connect to your Raspberry Pi Pico. Once the microcontroller is configured, nothing prevents you from sending data.

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