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Quick overview of Joomla extensions: the best solutions


With approximately 6,000 extensions, and up to 300 for each category on the Joomla official websiteit can be complex to choose the right Joomla extension, not to mention the other plugins offered on the sites of certain developers or web archives.

Beginners who have just created their first homepage are especially likely to get confused as theoffer of extensions is varied. However, Joomla makes it easier for you by categorizing its extensions in particular general themes and evocative, themselves split into different subcategories. Still, the search for the perfect extension can sometimes be perilous: even the most experienced users can find it difficult to sift through 270 slideshow extensions to find the one that best suits their needs.

Before selecting their Joomla extensions, users should consider a number of points. These reflections make it possible to opt for quality software and the guarantee of regular security updates and continuous improvements. To know the date of the last update of a Joomla plug-in, you just have to consult the presentation page of this one. If an update has been successfully completed within the last few months, this tells you that any security vulnerabilities may have been closed.

You should only download these extensions from reliable sources. Consider the official Joomla web catalog as your first point of contact; it contains a multitude of diverse and varied plug-ins. For information on the status of an extension, you can often inquire directly with the developer or search the forum. In terms of customer service, Joomla can count on a beautiful community, perfect for learning about other users’ experiences with Joomla extensions. For further information, users may also refer to theEvaluation of an extension. The official Joomla website allows you to consult the overall rating, but also other details on the functionality or the support offer of the extension concerned.

The longer an extension is well rated (rating represented by a number of stars) and the more it has comments, the more it can comfort you in your decision. If a plugin is paid, that can also give you a good idea of ​​how up-to-date it is. Indeed, if the developers intend to earn money with their extension, it is essential that the latter be regularly updated.

We advise you to start by trying all the features of an extension in a protected test environment and check its compatibility with the existing home page before transferring it to your real environment.

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